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  • Name, Today you are a real star! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name ) You’re my shining star! Happy Birthday!
  • (Name ) You’re a superstar at (age) Birthday!
  • I am seeing stars! (Name) is age again!
  • Happy (age) Birthday (Name)! Today is your day to be a star!
  • A star is born! Name Date of birthday, weight and length.
  • (Name) you are my shining star! Congrats!


  • (Name) don’t have a cow you’re only (AGE) now.
  • Happy B-Day (Name)! Have a udderly fabulous day!
  • (Name) it’s your Birthday! Milk it for all it’s worth!
  • Moos Flosh! It’s (Names) 40th Birthday!
  • You’re 50 (Name), Party til the cows come home!
  • Moove over (age) (name) is now (age)!
  • (Name) you don’t look calf your age!
  • We herd (Name ) is out to pasture at (AGE)! Happy Birthday !
  • An udder year together! Happy Anniversary!
  • You’re married (age) years. Party til the cows come home.

Some of Our Many Designs


  • Happy (age) th Bird-day (Name), you old Buzzard
  • Lordy, Lordy, (Name) is 40!
  • Oh No (Name) is turning the big 6-0!
  • You’re how old? You look so lifelike!
  • We’re circling for (Name’s) (age) birthday
  • The old Buzzard is (age) today. Wish him a happy birthday.


  • We’re all smiles for (Name)’s (age) Birthday
  • Don’t worry, be Happy! You are (age) now!
  • Grin Grin, take it all in! (Name is 29 again!
  • We’re grinning cause (Name)s age is 29 again.
  • Smile, (Name) it’s your Birthday!
  • We wanted to start your birthday off with a smile Happy Birthday (Name)!


  • Happy Birthday (Name)! from all the old birds
  • Flocks of love on your (age) birthday (Name)!
  • You honk and we’ll flap for (Name's) bird-day
  • We buzzed in to wish (Name) Happy Birthday!/ Retirement
  • We know you’re buzzin’ to get out of here(name) Happy Retirement!


  • So many candles, so little cake. Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • It’s a treat to wish (name) Happy Sweet 16th!
  • A little cake, a lot of fun…(Name) is turning 1
  • Life is sweet! Happy (age) Birthday (Name)


  •  Happy (age) birthday (name)! Love, (name)
  • (Name) still a hearthrob at (age) Happy Birthday!
  • Our hearts go out to (Name) she/he’s (age) today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • My heart beats only for you! Happy (age) Birthday!
  • You’re the heart of our home! Happy Father's Day/Mother’s Day!
  • My heart beats for only you . Will you marry me?
  • You make my heart go pitter patter.


  • Star
  • Smiley Faces
  • Hearts
  • Cupcakes
  • Candles
  • Flamingos
  • Buzzards
  • Cows
  • Sports Balls- Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball
  • Balloons
  • Princess Crown
  • Presents wrapped with a bow

Message Board*

  • 23 inch letters spelling your message
  • 4ft tall and 4ft wide birthday cake*

*Extra Charge